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    Now that you are ready to schedule your portrait session, it's time to have some fun planning!  A little
    thought and collaboration between us will ensure the best possible portraits for you to enjoy later.  

    For a baby session: parents should expect to be photographed and can wear a long sleeved solid
    color.  If nothing else, you will be holding your infant in some of the shots.  
    Accessories may be more important than clothes for infants.  Remember to bring special hats,
    blankets, and toys to include in your portraits.
    Baby portraits are often purest when the infant wears only a diaper, diaper cover, a thin blanket, or
    nothing at all.

    Thoughts for family or sibling portraits:
    Wardrobe: Choose outfits that fit your personality.  If you are planning a family portrait, consider a
    color theme for everyone.  The best color themes include 3 colors that members of the family use for
    their outfits in different ways.  Each individual might only use 2 of the colors, Some will use more.  Here
    is an example that I personally used for our last family portraits which worked well.  Our colors were
    coral, dark brown, and white.  My daughter wore a coral jumper with a white shirt under.  My oldest son
    wore a white shirt with a brown sports jacket.  My younger son wore a coral shirt with a brown vest, I
    wore a coral and brown skirt with a brown shirt and white sweater, and my husband wore a brown
    dress shirt.  All the guys used khaki bottoms so that's technically a fourth color.

    Blended together the group will look like they belong together without looking overly contrived.  One
    way to get started is to consider an outfit or color for the most complicated person or the one with
    fewest options and build around that first outfit.
    Remember to accessorize to add depth and personality.

    One other component to your portrait session will be location.  The options are as varied as our
    clients.  Outside options include any of the metroparks, a neighborhood park, a backyard, beach or
    riverbed, the grounds of a museum and anywhere inbetween.  Inside ideas include a museum or
    library, your home, and our studio.  When you set up your appointment be sure and give your ideas
    about location.

    Portrait Style:
    One portrait style you might try during your session is telling a story through your images. Try doing
    something fun together throughout your session.  Share a picnic, play at a playground, create an art
    project, or explore the woods while we capture the natural bonds of your loved ones working and
    playing together. We will also be taking posed portraits of your group and parts of your group before
    during and after a session like this.  These are my favorite sessions because of the genuine emotion
    and energy that comes through in your final images.
new born photo of baby sleeping in metal pot from above