Senior portraits really are as varied as the individual, and there are lots of things you can do to help
    make your session its best.

    When you call for your appointment, the first thing we will do is narrow down a date and time that will work.

    The next thing we will ask is, "Have you thought about what location you would like to use?"  Our studio is
    always an option with a constantly growing collection of furniture, backdrops, and props.  The metroparks
    make great locations year round.  You might also consider a museum, the zoo, a library, or your own
    backyard.  There are many great urban sites we like to use in the area.  If you have an idea but don't
    have a spot in mind, we can help you brainstorm and even hunt out a place just for you.     

    Let us know what extra curriculars you would like to highlight so we can plan some neat shots for you.  Be
    sure to bring the props you would need for these images.

    If you are interested in having portraits done with a friend, sibling, or pet, let us know ahead of time for

    Be sure to fill us in if you have a certain trait you would like emphasised or downplayed like freckles,
    beauty marks, piercings, or tattoos.

    Clothing considerations: Put together several different looks both dressy and casual.  Remember to
    accessorize even if you typically don't.  Using layers will add easy depth and interest to your ensemble.  
    See what your outfit looks like when you add a sweater, jacket, or scarf.  Put each outfit on a hanger
    together.  Accessories can go in a plastic bag and hung on the same hanger.
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Reminders for Ladies:
Think about undergarments you will need for
each outfit. (shoes too!)

If you are bringing a short dress or skirt poses are
usually limited to standing.  Try not to bring more
than one short skirt.

Give your nails a fresh mani.

Do your makeup before your appointment, and
bring it along for touchups.

Bring a comb or brush just in case.

Do not tan the 2-3 days before your session.
Include that outfit Mom wanted.
Reminders for Guys:

Bring the right socks and shoes for each outfit.  You
never know when feet might be included in a shot.

Clean and cut you nails before your session.

Shave shortly before your session.

Have your hair cut about a week before.

Bring a little more than you think you'll need.

Include the outfit Mom wanted.
portrait of high school girl leaning on decrotive metal door